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Par 5, White 530 yards, Red 447 yards
A par 5 hole, number one spans the entire length of the course, coursing to the right and crossing the crick right at most golfer's driving distance. Tree groves pose challenges on both sides of the fairway just beyond the crick. A total of 530 yards from the white tee box, you will find the sprawling green, where the only out of bounds challenge on this hole lies beyond the green.
Par 3, White 153 yards, Red 153 yards
A slight break coming off arguably the hardest hole on the course, number two is a 153 yard par 3. Make sure to not overshoot this green, however, as there is a tree grove hazard on the backside and a drastic drop off from the green. This hole runs along the outside boundaries of the course, which makes for a narrow left side rough before the out of bounds markers. Two low maintenance mounds placed strategically on either front side of the green make for another challenge on this hole. To date, we have had 2 holes-in-one recorded on this hole.
Par 4, White 320 yards, Red 251 yards
Hole three, making a left turn, wraps around the holding pond and meanders to the right side of the crick, crossing over it once. The backside of the green is surrounded by trees and OB markers. A slicer’s nightmare, this hole also lies next to the expansive deep rough on the right side, which is home to large ponds during wet seasons.
Par 4, White 355 yards, Red 282 yards
Running alongside the outer boundary of the course next to the highway, this straight hole four is 355 yards from the white tee box. Two sand traps are located on the front left and back right of this green.
Par 4, White 368 yards, Red 299 yards
A bend to the right, number five crosses the crick and poses numerous tree hazards. Come up short and to the left of this green and you will find yourself buried in a sand trap.
Par 4, White 383 yards, Red 330 yards
A par 4, number six has a slight bend to the left and crosses the crick. The green is obstructed from view due to a tree grove from the white tee box, but the fairway and flag are framed by two tree groves from the forward tee box. A shady green in the morning hours, this green is surrounded by trees and shrubs.
Par 3, 138 yards
A short par 3, hole seven is right off the clubhouse and lies next to the outer boundaries of the course next to a residential area. Find yourself in someone’s backyard, you’re OB. Running alongside the right of this green is an evergreen tree grove. To date, we have had 2 holes-in-one recorded on this hole.
Par 4, White 406 yards, Red 326 yards
This par 4 hooks to the right and features numerous tree hazards. There is also a sand trap at the back of the green and has OB markers on the left and right of the fairway.
Practice Green
The practice green has four practice cups and is located close to the clubhouse.